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Healthy Building Inspections and Indoor Air Quality Audits - Commercial and Institutional

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We have been testing and auditing Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality (IAQ) since 2013. We are ISHRAE members and RESET™ Accredited Professionals and are certified to lead, consult, or audit the air quality of your buildings according to ISHRAE and the International Well Building Institute or LEED standards. 

Organisations come to us for continuous indoor monitoring and detection of indoor air quality and supplemental cleanroom monitoring. Our customers include national public and private health researchers, corporate headquarters and small to mid-sized office buildings, international schools, embassies, and recently we have begun offering supplemental monitoring for manufacturer's cleanrooms.

Let us provide you with a baseline of your current Indoor Air Quality investment.  Continuous monitoring audits can provide tens of lakhs of real data points to drive and prudent investment in ensuring that your Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Filtration (HVAC) infrastructure are meeting your needs. Know that your staff and customers are occupying Healthy and Safe indoor spaces. 

Then, enjoy the benefits that follow:

  1. healthier, happier, loyal and more productive employees and staff
  2. increased and returning customers 
  3. increase tenants, and higher building occupancy rates
  4. increased and returning patients (In what kind of air quality would you like to recover from surgery?)
  5. better performing students and more satisfied parents translate to higher enrollment rates for schools that can prove they are managing the air quality properly.

Research has shown that customers and employees are now making purchase and career choices based on the clean air of the rooms they occupy.

We are known as the pioneers in Delhi that have installed the largest and longest running networks of indoor air quality monitors. Advantages of hiring us are: 

  • The longest experience conducting real-world continuous monitoring and providing actionable custom and real-time reports for schools, corporate headquarters, embassies, and more.
  • Ethical business practices
  • Quality products
  • Dedicated workforce
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-time delivery of solutions. We never make a promise that we cannot keep.