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Honeywell Air Touch S8 Air Purifier

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Air Touch S8 r is the first Wi-Fi enabled air purifier that connects with Honeywell Hplus App on both iOS & Android platforms.It provides real-time air quality & filters life indication on the mobile app.It can be operated & controlled remotely from your mobile phone.
Air Touch S8 indoor air purifier having three-stage filtration combined with Patented HiSiv with unique honeycomb design & HEPA H11 filter removes the pollutants with 99% accuracy for the coverage area of 450Sq. ft & providing the Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR) of 300 cu.m/hr.It has smooth touch control panel & low power consumption of 52 watts at high speed & 7.5Watt at low speed make it one of best in this category.
Washable Prefilter removes larger dust, pet hair/dander, soil etc.
Three stage Advance filtration system removes microscopic allergens, PM2.5, pollens, Toxic gases, VOCs, formaldehyde &odour in the room.It has low noise compared to other filters, ozone free & has the filter life of 3000+ hours if used for 8 hours a day

Coverage Area (sq feet)* Up to 450
Filter life** Up to 3000 hours
Weight 9.5 kg
Nominal Power 7.5 W - 52 W
No. of Filters 3
Ozone Free Yes
Air Quality Indicator LED
Filter Change Indicator Yes
Touch Panel Yes
Warranty 12 Months
App controlled Yes
Timer (2/4/8) No
Child Lock No
Sleep Mode / Silent Operation Yes

Filter Details :

Honeywell Air Touch Pre Filter

  • Washable
  • Effectively removes hair, larger dust particles including PM10, animal dander
  • Replacement filter for Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier (Gold/Classic White)
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Filter No 1, no need of service engineer visits
  • Easily Washable, high quality filter
  • Wash with water when the alert is displayed on touch panel - 'No 1 blinks'
  • Helps improve the life of HEPA and HiSiv filter
  • Compatible with Honeywell Air Touch models - HAC35M1101G (Gold), HAC35M1101W (Classic White), HAC35M2101S (Royal Silver) and HAC45M1022W (Premium White)


Honeywell Air Touch HEPA Filter

  • Air Touch High grade HEPA Filter by Honeywell
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Filter No 2, no need of service engineer visits
  • Not washable, replace when alert 'No 2' blinks on touch panel
  • Benchmark H11 Grade HEPA filter, improved life of up to 3000 hours and high efficiency
  • Removes PM2.5 and microscopic allergens
  • Purifies up to 0.3 um particulate matter
  • According to GB/T 18801, purification efficiency of formaldehyde - 99% at 30 cubic meter chamber


Honeywell Air Touch HiSiv Filter

  • Air Touch HiSiv Filter by Honeywell
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Filter No 3, no need of service engineer visits
  • Patented HiSiv filter with unique honeycomb design and molecular sieve with activating agents
  • Not washable, replace when alert ‘No 3’ blinks on touch panel
  • Removes formaldehyde, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and odour
  • Improved life of up to 3000 hours and high efficiency