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Residential Indoor Air Quality Testing - Find out what you're breathing. Sign up for an air quality test.

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We have been testing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) since 2013. We are RESET™ Accredited Professionals and are certified to lead, consult, or audit your home or office/buildings (see the Commercial Indoor Air Quality Audit product; organizations can have their spaces or buildings certified as Healthy and Safe indoor spaces and enjoy the benefits that follow.).

Indoor Air Quality We do not just provide a report. We offer both practical advice and commercial solutions in a holistic manner with your health and safety as our paramount interest.

We will conduct tests of indoor air quality for health, safety, and comfort (IAQ) and more. For example, we evaluate kitchen ventilation and your filtration efficiency. We can identify home furnishings that may be 'outgassing' volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other sources of unhealthy pollutants that may be in your home. The solutions (and in many cases actions you should take) to reduce or eliminate these sources will be customized to your home/office.

We use accurate and precise sensors and testing equipment that will allow you to take informed decisions about your health and safety, well-being, and performance.

The WHO guideline limit for 24-hour exposure limit to PM2.5 is 25 µg/m3 for no more than 3 days. 

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) standard (new in 2017) for carbon dioxide (CO2) levels to be maintained indoors is 800 ppm. Excess CO2 levels are associated with increased rates of illness, unhealthy VOCs, and decreased & dysfunctional decision-making skills, headaches, exhaustion, and more.

This testing package includes 4 samples each of PM2.5, CO2, and VOCs. An additional INR 500/- is charged for each additional set of samples.

We have successfully tested and provided solutions that ensure peace of mind for hundreds of occupants of homes, International Schools, National & Multinational Corporates, Hotels, Embassies.

Testing Report is shared via e-mail within 24 hours.