Sharp DW-E16FA-W Dehumidifier

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Sharp Air Purifiers with  Plasmaclusture Technology, Dehumidification, True HEPA filter &  Active Carbon Filter removes Mold, Viruses, Allergens, Odors and Static Electricity, VOC & other harmful chemicals.Sharp’s Plasmacluster ion technology does not produce any harmful Ozone during its process of air treatment.

De-humidification Function: If you live somewhere along the vast coastline of India, or in regions that experience high levels of humidity and rainfall, Sharp’s
air purifier with de-humidification function is just what you need. De-humidification effectively counters problems associated with highly humid conditions such as the proliferation of mold fungi and viruses, foul odors and even skin rashes.

Air Purification System:  PlasmaclusterIon Generator with True HEPA Filter & Active Carbon Filter

Additional Functions:De-Humidification(16 litres/day@ 30°C & 80% RH)

Coverage Area* (sq ft)Air Purification /Plasmacluster :300

Air Flow/ CADR (m3/hr):240/ 170/ 75 (High/Medium/Low)

Modes:Auto Dehumidifying,Laundry, Deodorizing,Auto, Low, Medium & High

Auto Restart :Yes

Pre-filter:  Mesh Type

Filter Life#: Up to 2.5 years

Sensors:Humidity, Odour& Tank Full**

Unit Dimensions (mm):360 x 565 x 260(W x H x D)

Net Weight (kg):12.2

Power Consumption (W):38 / 10 / 7 / 190(High/Medium/Low/Dehumidifying)

Noise Level (db):53 / 35 / 27(High/Medium/Low)

Warranty:12 months, ON SITE