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Sun Million Japanese N99 Certified Mask for Family

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Yokoi Co. Ltd was established in 1965 Shimada Tenpaku-Ku Nagoya Japan. N99/FFP3 certified mask very light in weight made in Japan No suffocation use it in any condition.

Perfect fitting on face comes in 2 categories Mens and Women. Women mask fits on children also.

Product Nonwoven Mask (Air clean mask 7 pieces)

 PM2.5 99% CUT

  • Cold
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • etc.

Body: Polypropylene

Ears: Polyester *Polyurethane

Nose Fitter: Polyethylene

Cup Keeper: Polypropylene

Mask Life 1 mask last for 2-3 weeks depending on usage
Mask Size 175mm X 95mm
A single packet contains 7 pieces of masks
Package Polypropylene
Importer ILoveCleanAir Lab LLP exclusive distributor in India

Yokoi Co. Ltd 

Shimada Tenpaku-Ku Nagoya Japan


Breathe Fresh Air without Suffocation.